Why Heritage Homes Need to be Rewired

For those homeowners who live in or purchase an older or Heritage type home they make question the need to completely rewire these homes.There is good reason to make this a top priority in homes 50 years old or older and that is they present a considerable risk of electrical fire hazard. Forget all the cosmetic upgrades on your older home whether you plan to stay for the short term or the longer term upgrading the electrical system should be the first thing on your agenda.

Hidden behind your walls is the knob and tube wiring that is just one of a few obsolete wiring forms including aluminum and non-metallic wiring. Electrical malfunction is one of the top five causes of electrical fires and the result of an outdated system that becomes overloaded in this  digital era. These older or Heritage homes and the fire hazard they present is a reason many insurers refuse to insure these homes that have such antiquated wiring systems.

Signs your home’s wiring is dangerously outdated are as follows: Frequently tripping breakers/blown fuses, dimming/flickering lights, charred/ discoloured switches and outlets, persistent burning smells. It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to contact an electrical contractor in Victoria BC if you experience these issues.

The solution is to rewire an older home using one of these methods the first is to open up the walls and run new wires then cover with new drywall. Or a much less time consuming and less costly method is the new wires can be fished through the walls using rods and fish tape which results in tiny holes to be patched.

The process of upgrading also requires a new electrical service, today’s homeowners have all kinds of conveniences from washers, dryers, dishwashers to built in vacuums to make life easier. With all these appliances and electronics the 60 or even 100 amp electrical service that served generations before are no longer adequate and obsolete today. A 200 amp electrical service panel is pretty standard in newer homes to handle the load of the appliances and electronic gadgets in homes now. Additional outlets and replacing 2 prong ungrounded outlets with 3 prong ones will be part of the updating recommended by your electrical contractor.

It’s the surest way to eliminate any fire hazard and protect your loved ones, belongings and the investment in your home. Contact Onda Electric for more information.