What is Progressu specialized in?

Progressu is a German-based food processing machinery handler, upgrading activist, dealer, and solution provider for all your processing machine needs. Progressu is an expert in selling and purchasing food processing machines and freezing machines. We at Progressu, are experts in dealing with all types of freezing equipment, convenience food machinery, and meat processing machinery. Not only dealing with sales and purchases of the machinery, but we also offer machinery installation, transportation, handling, dismantling, and upgradation of all types or transforming the inventories to a more technology-oriented and upgraded version of your machines. Progressu is not only specialized in selling or purchasing the used food processing machinery in a local market but also specialized in the global trade of used industrial food machinery and equipment. We bag every expertise to tackle all the needs of handling trade issues, packaging, and transportation of the used food machinery. With years of experience in the industry, we have developed an international customer base. Our customer base is satisfied and satiated with our services as we serve them with their satisfaction as our key priority.

Used food processing equipment

Our clients benefit from our sole focus on the purchase of used food processing equipment as this will give them ease about what to do with their old processing equipment and machinery. A continuous inflow of used food machinery is therefore fundamental to our company’s activities. Therefore, we maintain an inventory range for our foreign clients that allows them to reach us for their problems and get them solved with expert advice. Talking about maintaining inventory, we have several warehouses in Germany at our disposal where we can store various industrial food processing machines and cooling equipment. This enables us to serve our customers with extensive options as well as with vast manufacturing and specialty varieties. After we buy used food machines we take care of dismounting and transport. We check every equipment with quality and safety standards. This way, we preserve every part with its full potential and working environment. We check every purchased machine and prepare them completely to be re-used. Every detail regarding purchase, installation, storing, transportation, and dismounting machines can be found on our projects page. Our specialties are more thoroughly concentrated and energized with food processing and freezing and cooling equipment. We are always keen to serve our customers with what they are looking for or arranging for them the best possible solution for their requirements. Not only this sector of machines or equipment, but we are keen to provide you convenient solutions for your food processing and preserving needs. Our ties and hunt for machines allow us to make this possible for you. You can reach us through our website by lacing an inquiry about your needs or placing your photos or videos about your inventory or you could make us a call at +49 5903-93730-11 and our expert team will reach out to you on an early basis.