5 Ingenious Tips to Rodent-Proof Your Home: Winter Edition

As you gear up for the winters (fuzzies, hot chocolate and everything nice), there’s one more pesky little house guest that sneaks up on you from behind the chimney! And you guessed it right, it is not Santa. Dropping temperatures outside means your house becomes a chilling spot for rats and mice.

They are not only health hazards but also create nuisance like no other pest can. So, just as you pull out your holiday decorations, pay heed to rodent control. Here are five easy-to-follow tips to rid your winter homeland of rodents. Happy reading.

Tips to Become Rodent-Free This Winter

  • Don’t Leave Food Outside

With rats and mice, there’s a simple rule of thumb. If there’s no food, there’s no point in infesting the house! So, first thing’s first put away all your food items (including pet food) in closed cabinets. Take special care to remove table scraps and crumbs from kitchen counters and trash bins. Also, sweep under the fridge, table, and check for corners where your pet could easily hide his secret stash of treats. Rodents hardly infest a house where finding food is a challenge. Use this to your advantage.

  • Cover and Seal Holes and Entry Points

No one wants to work too hard (not even rodents). They usually look for easy entry points in your homes and pretty much use even a tiny opening to maneuver in and out of your house. Start by sealing off all entry points bigger than ¼ of an inch (that’s enough for a tiny mouse to squeeze in). Washbasins, window screens, meshes, wooden doors, attic windows (especially the ones next to a pipeline) are some of their most favorite entries. Repair and seal them thoroughly.

  • Don’t Leave Firewood on the Ground

If you love a wood-burning chimney, you should probably elevate your regular firewood pile (the one in your backyard, lying on the ground) to a few inches above the ground. Piles of wood are one of the best hiding and nesting spots for rodents. So, declutter and pile high so that they can’t reach.

  • Give Your Garden and Bushes a TLC

If you think beautifully mowed lawns and hedges just add esthetic value to your house, you are wrong. Rodents love chaos (even more than some humans), and unkempt bushes, low-hanging branches, etc., act as the perfect hiding spot for rodents. If the branches are close to your roof, it’s only a matter of time before a family of athletic rats finds its way into your rooms. So, don’t take yard maintenance lightly.

  • Add a Sweep Strip to Your Doors

If you don’t want to work too hard on door repair or the damage is not all that much, invest in a sturdy brush strip (sweep strip) and block out the gaps at the base. It keeps pesky rodents away and also helps keep your rooms warm.

Summing Up

As inhuman as it sounds, your house is yours and is no breeding ground for rodents (unless it’s your pet mouse). Here’s hoping these practical tips help you nip the problem of rodent infestation at the bud.